imagine two
love to play
setting on fire
what’s on their way

imagine two
love to fight
taking no prisoners
as they burn bright

imagine two
don’t pull back
when the pain peaks
and there’s blood on the tracks

imagine two
tears on my pillow

BK January 2021

By Be Körner

Be Körner is an artistic researcher, activist and educator working with performative strategies. Be is working as a research associate at the professorship Arts and Research at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and is doing a practice-based PhD on the entanglement of performance art and mental crisis.

The dissertation project looks at conflicting ideas of normalcy and deviation through the entanglement of artistic privilege and psychiatric stigma. Be explores moments of transgression and the productivity of deviation and wildness.

Since 2012, the works have been exhibited internationally in galleries and institutions, for example at Reykjavík Museum of Photography, CCI Fabrika Moscow and Bundeskunsthalle Bonn. Be works both as a solo artist and in changing collaborative constellations.

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