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P e u t -ê t r e , m a i s c e n ‘e s t p a s v r a i / A u -t o r-m i e n t a

Peut-être, mais ce n’est pas vrai / Au- tor- mienta. Víctor del Oral, 2017, 2018…
Installation/performance (Lecto_escultura) at Lobby Gallery, Ecole Superieure d Art , Aix en Provence, France.

Hanging from the ceiling and just above my head, there is a black plastic bag containing 50 liters of water. As the reading progresses I pierce the bag with metal nails taped to my fingers and a constant stream of water falls on my head. It was a kind of self-inflicted storm, a brainstorm that soaks me.

I was interested in constructing an image of myself giving a speech under a black cloud, the experience of reading in a downpour, of wetting the text, bringing it to a state of vulnerability and fragility while it was being read.

In some way, it was a massive outburst of crying, an attempt to return to that primal moment, to that point of origin, the crying of a newborn at birth, that first vocalization we make when we are still covered in placenta.

Text: poems by Víctor del Oral.

This performance has been presented twice, one in Lobby Gallery, Ecole Superieure d Art , Aix en Provence, France, and another in the Obrera Centro cultural space in Mexico City, 2018.

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