See You, My Chaotic Room


Before I produced this new crying material, I thought seriously about what exactly could make me sad and cry —— It was the unforgettable experience and the sadness of leaving. 

In turn, I began to realize that I am about to leave the place where I have studied and lived for two and a half years. Looking back on this time, I was closely connected to the living space I have inhabited here. Especially during the epidemic, I spent most of my time in my room of the student apartment: online courses, doing homework, cooking, and communicating with my parents who were far away from me. More importantly, even with the endless homesickness, this room gradually became my “home”, a place that gave me a sense of security. when I thought of leaving this place, tears flowed down my face. Because it carries most of my memories, in each corner, there are all traces of my life.

So I decided to pick up my camera and record it before I left it. 

Technical explanation 

I obtained the point cloud model of the room by photogrammetry. This model was computationally generated by about 200 photos that I took. I also animated a short room tour. 

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