From :’( to :/ to :=o

Developmental Aspect of Human Emotional Crying

Stage :’(

This is a stage we learn to cry for our needs and express for desire.

*Adult tears have a much stronger impact on observers than those of infants 

The scene of Hong Kong’s return in 1997: Patten had tears in his eyes, and the daughter of the “Hong Kong Governor” cried in the sky

Stage :/

 This is a stage that we are unable to cry, resulted in delegated crying.

*In Chinese tradition, Female professional mourners were hired to theatrically cry in funerals. 3 times a day. The more you pay, the more they cry.  

This is Candlelight Vigil for June 4 Massacre, an annual activity in Hong Kong mourning the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre happened in Beijing since 1990. Beijing “banned any mourning by groups not specifically authorized”

Stage :=o

This is a stage transforming the crying energy into anger.

*Crying is considered cathartic and healthy, whereas the failure to shed emotional tears may be detrimental to one’s physical functioning. 

Hongkonger protested against the Chinese dictatorship regime as they know peaceful crying was useless.

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