gefährliche tränen

 ________ crying … 

… as restricted sign of sadness in ancient times, strong emotions were seen as dangerous, loss of control
… is still considered to be shameful, a sign of weakness
… can be done as an act of freedom

 _____________ idea

crying as a ritual

> raise awareness of own emotions, emotional wellbeing
> breaking with the stigma: crying = weakness


> soothing effect
> visual reminder of staying in touch with ourselveS

 object _____________________

installation ________ 

performance _____________


 _________ process

form of tears repeats itself endlessly when lighting it
> combination of old and new tears
> object that holds and visualizes emotions, companionship of emotional process

 candle, rapeseed wax _________

silicone moulding _____________

25×4,5 _________________