Bas Jan Ader: I’m Too Sad to Tell You, 1970/71

  • mixed media artwork: three and a half minutes black-and-white silent film, 16-mm, 3’21”, still photographs and a post card
  • more:’m_too_sad_to_tell_you
  • title of three separate works that took on the same theme and imagery: the first was a photograph in 1970; the second a postcard sent to his friends and acquaintances later that year; and the third a t hree-minute film shot in 1971
  • Source: Janna Schoenberger 2015: Bas Jan Ader’s Ludic Conceptualism: Performing a Transnational Identity,
  • camera: Peter Bakker 
  • close-up
  • conceptual short film as distance from the commercial Hollywood film
  • Cinema as ‘small’ art, as art mineur
  • “In the spirit of this provision, the French psychiatrist and philosopher Félix Guattari proposed in the mid-1970s to examine not characters and intrigues but ‘systèmes des intensités, des gestes, des reflets, des regards,’ paying attention, for example, to attitudes, sensations, changes in gravity, and spatial and temporal coordinates.” (Félix Guattari: Projet pour un film de Kafka. In: Ders.: Soixante-cinq rêves de Franz Kafka et d’autres textes, hg. von Stephane Nadaud, Paris 2007, S. 40–56, hier S. 43. Siehe auch Félix Guattari: Kino – eine kleine Kunst. In: Ders.: Die Couch des Armen. Die Kinotexte in der Diskussion, Berlin 2011, S. 147–152.
  • Source: Petra Löffler 2014: Der seltsame Fall des Bas Jan Ader,