Tear Collection Face Piece

Due to current events, there has been a huge increase of public interest in face mask and tear collection supplies.
Some countries, made the use of an TCFP (Tear Collection Face Piece) mandatory in most public areas to combat the spread of new, more transmissible variations of emotional and emphatic behaviour.

What is an TCFP mask?

Firstly, the TCFP is actually classed as a collecting vessel, rather than a mask, meaning they offer better collecting capacity. TCFP stands for “Tear Collection Face Piece”, with the number corresponding to the level of collecting capacity the piece provides, 1 being the lowest level of tears collecting capacity and 3 being the highest.

5 key benefits of using an TCFP mask

1)At least 94% collection of all fluids that are emissed during crying
2)Two way direction, protecting the wearer and others
3)Higher fluid resistance against salty tears
4)Better visual hide of the emotional status of the wearer
5)Made with breathable filtering layers