In Self-Awareness in Crying in The Process


Public performance, Chemnitz, Jan, 2022

Rand Ibrahim

Photography: Leila Keivan

Could a person carry all the grief in the world?

Is that an exaggeration? An overrated dramatic scene?

One day you read in the news: a gang of rats ate an infant’s face

Then you look to the corner of the street and you see a child kicking a dog until he breaks every little rip in his chest.

“Women are still raped and dumped in trash containers”. 

On another day, you can extract colorful fragments out of the belly of a smelly dead fish with rotten eyes, which was in the market for people to buy and eat.

There are many reasons to make you cry and burden you with grief and sorrow, not to mention the personal ones.

Sensitivity is a problem

Where did I learn that from?…

When did I learn that?

Photography: Leila Keivan

You were born sensitive; spend your first years crying over anything that does not suit your moody existence.

Your sensitivity contracts while you observe the behaviour of the maniac adults around you.

Your little size friends in school, those who were trained better

will make you realise you should preserve and keep your tears to yourself, just in case you want to survive the next day.

This time a kid will hit me and I will not cry,

I will hit back.

This time they will bomb us,

I will not cry.

I will survive.

It keeps going on until you understand, your tears are valuable, you should only shed them when it is necessary. I will save my tears for the worthy but I am thirty-years old now, and my tears cannot stop running metaphorically.


The Most of the Most Precious Tears in The World

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After enough hours on the internet, after going through as many questions as I could go through

Considering the sensitivity of the subject

Considering the high sensitivity of the matters

I finally found them.

I assembled to you nothing but the truth, nothing but what has been kept hidden from you.

I collected all I can, I had to compromise at a point,

Yet hopefully, I still water your eyes,

Your senses and your grief.

Ladies and Gentlemen



then observing

can lead to so much more than just observing

Isn’t that what we have learned from them?

Based on observations I found a positive correlation between the population size, the country area, and the president’s tears. The bigger the power, the more abundant the tears!

There is also a relation between the mental stability of the president and their crying.*

It is not true what we think of them,

They feel and they feel a lot… Just look at the pictures

Not all of the US presidents cried, trump was actually mimicking two crying children he was carrying out of a rally. Reagan had a tear channel implant after his death, so he was not exactly able to produce tears before his death, only after, so it seems.

Cute dictators and tight territorial war criminals do not cry, they are tough, and big boys do not cry.

“Big boys do not cry” is my special stolen from somewhere theory and it triggers a lot, proves, and negates itself on so many occasions.

There is another positive correlation between the crying of presidents and time;


And also it was hard to find dusty dead dictators crying, big boys don’t cry

Some of them actually pose for the camera while crying, E.g. king Mohammed Ben Salman.

Hands of presidents and tissues are actually useful.

Tears of war criminals have therapeutic uses, that’s why they are in general rare and expensive

They cost a lot

A looooot

More than you can imagine.

So the average human being wishes they do not shed them at all

Self-denying war criminals are good at it.

*Check the collage for pictures of US President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.